Whisk(e)y is great.  I think we can all agree on that.  There are so many options available to us, offerings from more distilleries than ever, prices that range from the most modest budgets to 5-figure investment (and everything in-between) and more information than any average whisk(e)y-lover would know what to do with.

Reading the various blogs, magazines, other articles and websites, let alone how easy it is to be in touch with experts, has made access to the minutia of whisk(e)y so common that it’s easy to forget about the roots.  This series – Back to Basics, or just B2B, is intended to lay some fundamental groundwork; the building blocks of whisk(e)y, to help you navigate all the great info out there.  The Back to Basics series is for just about anyone, from the person just starting to enjoy whisk(e)y to a seasoned pro looking to fill in some gaps.

This is also a chance to ask your questions.  What terms have you heard that you don’t understand?  What do you wish you knew more about?  What will help you understand whisk(e)y better?  Head over to this form to submit your questions and I’ll answer them here, pulling in other experts when appropriate (hey, I’m still learning too!).

Please continue to join me as we go Back to Basics with whisk(e)y!


About the Author:
The Whisky Guy is an educator, host, blogger and more, having worked in the whisk(e)y industry for over 10 years.   He can be reached through the Contact page and you can find out more by visiting the About page.  He always supports enjoying whisk(e)y responsibly.