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Tasting Notes: Balvenie Cask 4686

There’s a lot of whisky out there.  A LOT.  Millions of casks maturing all over Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the US and around the rest of the world, to say nothing of everything already in bottles in liquor stores and personal collections.  There’s something very special about the consistency of all of that whisky.  It’s amazing that these different producers can get so much consistency out of something so organic.  And every once in a while it’s nice to find something that breaks the norm.  Every once in a while you come across something that really stands out.  Something really extraordinary.  That’s exactly what I was treated to recently. Continue reading

Turkey Day Whisk(e)y!

Some people call whisk(e)y the ‘Wine of the Spirit World’ because of the variety of flavors, the importance of regionality and its ability to pair with food.  The reality is it’s even easier to pair a whisk(e)y with food than wine because you don’t have to worry about the delicacies of wine – whisk(e)y will hold up to anything you throw at it!  With Thanksgiving coming up I thought I’d suggest a few whiskies that might pair well with traditional Turkey Day dishes. Continue reading

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