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Tasting Notes: BenRiach 17

Most of the Scottish whisky enjoyed around the world today is blended, which is to say whisky from different distilleries is brought together into a big batch then bottled to achieve a specific flavor – and it’s a lot more difficult than you think.  Most of Scotland’s distilleries make most of their whisky for blending houses, but once in a while we get a taste of those ingredients.  That’s the world BenRiach plays in. Continue reading

Turkey Day Whisk(e)y!

Some people call whisk(e)y the ‘Wine of the Spirit World’ because of the variety of flavors, the importance of regionality and its ability to pair with food.  The reality is it’s even easier to pair a whisk(e)y with food than wine because you don’t have to worry about the delicacies of wine – whisk(e)y will hold up to anything you throw at it!  With Thanksgiving coming up I thought I’d suggest a few whiskies that might pair well with traditional Turkey Day dishes. Continue reading

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