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Maker’s Mark is lowering their proof – No they’re not – Who cares?

If you care at all about Bourbon (and even if you don’t), you probably heard the recent news from Maker’s Mark and their plan to lower the ABV (Alcohol By Volume) (USA Today, CNN) in their flagship bottle, which they later reversed.  Who cares? Continue reading

Tasting Notes: BenRiach 17

Most of the Scottish whisky enjoyed around the world today is blended, which is to say whisky from different distilleries is brought together into a big batch then bottled to achieve a specific flavor – and it’s a lot more difficult than you think.  Most of Scotland’s distilleries make most of their whisky for blending houses, but once in a while we get a taste of those ingredients.  That’s the world BenRiach plays in. Continue reading

Tasting Notes: Kilchoman 4 Single Cask

Off the coast of Southwest Scotland there’s an island of fewer than 4,000 people, more than 20,000 sheep and what was, for a long time, only 7 distilleries – until Kilchoman came along in 2005. Continue reading

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