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B2B – Tasting vs Drinking Whisk(e)y

There’s a funny thing that happens at the bar.  Whisk(e)y-lovers get all up in arms about the ‘right’ way to drink whisky.  Where ‘this guy’ might only drink his whisky ‘this’ way, ‘that’ guy would bet all the barley in Scotland that you’re wrong for drinking it any way but ‘that’ way.  So, who’s right? […]

Turkey Day Whisk(e)y!

Some people call whisk(e)y the ‘Wine of the Spirit World’ because of the variety of flavors, the importance of regionality and its ability to pair with food.  The reality is it’s even easier to pair a whisk(e)y with food than wine because you don’t have to worry about the delicacies of wine – whisk(e)y will […]