Whisk(e)y is one of the greatest social lubricants.  It can be shared with friends, given as gifts, be made part of traditions and be a great conversation starter.  It can be used, and unfortunately abused.

Being responsible is not just making sure you have a designated driver, tho that’s very important.  It’s also knowing when to say when.  It’s knowing when you’ve had enough and being smart enough to make the right choice.  Some around us may not feel the same way about whisk(e)y, and that’s OK.  Being responsible also means not pushing it onto them, and respecting when someone makes their own choice for when they’ve had enough.

Being responsible makes sure that you, your family, your friends and neighbors are all here to have another great experience that may include whisky tomorrow.

Whether it’s Whisky or Whiskey, The Whisky Guy reminds you to enjoy your dram responsibly!