Great news, whisk(e)y fans - The Whisky Guy podcast is returning!

Great news, whisk(e)y fans – The Whisky Guy podcast is returning!

Hello Fellow Whisky Lovers!  Yes, you read that right – The Whisky Guy podcast is returning!

I owe so many people an apology.  First and foremost to the listeners – without you this would all be for nothing and I feel like I let you down.  Second, to everyone who were interviewed for episodes that never aired.  Yes, I have lots of material just waiting to be released.

Why did it go away?

I wish there were an easy answer for this.  I wish I could say it was one reason or another, but the reality is I can’t.  It was many different reasons.  A few of them…

  • Teaching and talking about whisk(e)y is not my only job – I’m also a commercial event photographer and summer is the busiest season for my work.  Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the week.
  • I had a tough time booking quality guests.  Tougher than I thought.  When I first proposed the idea, I spoke with lots of people industry wide who all shared my excitement, but when it came time to schedule an interview they disappeared.
  • Bills.  I wish it weren’t about money, but I’d be lying to you if I said that wasn’t at least a part of it.  Each episode of the podcast takes over 15 hours to produce, and since there was no income from the podcast I couldn’t give up that much time.

So, why is it coming back?

I wish this one was easy too, and this answer isn’t either, tho the biggest reason is because I missed it.  I missed you.  I missed the guests, and the fun of producing it, and all the great feedback I got from you.  So – Thank You!  Thank you for keeping me interested.  Thank you for poking and prodding enough to make me keep it in my head and bring it back.  To address some of the things above:

  • Photography is still a part of my business, but bringing the podcast back in the winter will help me bring it back in a meaningful way that I can schedule around as the busy season comes.
  • I have about 6 interviews ready to be released right now, with 3 more interviews scheduled – lots of material to get things moving so new guests are attracted.
  • The bills are still there, but I’ve found a new way to help with that – which is where you come in.  Take a look at my post on joining Patreon, and click here to visit my Patreon Creator Page.  I’d like to move toward making The Whisky Guy a full-time job, while keeping it free and ad-free, and I can’t do that without you.

What’s coming up?

Episode #5 of The Whisky Guy podcast will be with Josh Weltmer, who manages the Lit Cigar Lounge at the Snoqualmie Casino.  We had a great conversation about choosing the right cigar, how to pair with whisk(e)y, and beyond – I can’t wait for you to listen to it.

Also coming up – A tasting of Glenfarclas Single Malt Scotch Whisky, recorded live with George Grant.  An interview with Josh and Jason, partners in the Single Cask Nation.  An interview with George at the Chelsea Wine Vault, talking about gifting whiskies.  An interview with Paul Clark, author of The Cocktail Chronicles, talking about the history of using whisk(e)y in cocktails.  And so much more!

Is it changing at all?

Yes, and no.  The Whisky Guy Podcast will still have news about your favorite whiskies, interviews with insiders and experts from all aspects of the whisk(e)y lifestyle, and it’s still available through iTunes and Stitcher, but for now I’ll only be producing a new episode every 2 weeks.  I’m hoping to add video soon, and that will likely be in the alternate weeks.  I’m also talking to potential advertisers; tho I’d love to keep the Whisky Guy podcast free and ad-free – please consider becoming a Patron as this will allow me to produce more episodes and keep things honest for you.


Look for the next episode – episode #5 of the Whisky Guy podcast – launching … Tomorrow!  Yes, we’re back for Whisky Wednesday tomorrow with a new episode of The Whisky Guy Podcast and episodes every 2 weeks after that.  Thank You for staying tuned – and we’ll catch you on the podcast tomorrow!