In addition to the blog and podcast, The Whisky Guy is available to help in a number of different ways.  How can I help you understand Whisk(e)y?  For more information on any of these or to ask about custom services contact The Whisky Guy!

Personal Tastings and Private Events

  • Celebrating a birthday?  A retirement party?  A special anniversary?  Getting married?  Are you a private club that would like to host a special and memorable event for your membership?  The Whisky Guy is available for you!  Let the Whisky Guy guide you and your guests through a unique tasting experience.

Bar/Restaurant Consulting and Staff Education

  • As bar and restaurant guests become more knowledgeable about fine spirits and service practices, it’s important for you and your staff to stay on the cutting edge.  The Whisky Guy can help you develop a whisk(e)y list to fit any budget, help develop specialty cocktails, train your staff on how to present and discuss whisk(e)y and suggest sales opportunities that effect your bottom line every day.

Brand Ambassadorship

  • For a whisk(e)y distiller or importer, there’s no better way to build relationships with gatekeepers than giving them a great experience with your liquid.  The Whisky Guy can give your audience a personalized deep-dive into what makes your whisk(e)y so special.

Sales Team Education

  • A well-educated sales team is not only better prepared to sell a portfolio, they also are better prepared to close and they feel empowered to have higher-level conversations with their customers – which also helps with retention.  The Whisky Guy is available to train your liquor distributor sales team either in GSM environments or in the field.