If you haven’t heard others say the word, you’ve likely heard me refer to the “dram.” So, what exactly is a dram?

In bar speak, the word ‘shot’ doesn’t have much meaning. A bar can choose to pour any amount they wish and call it a shot. Common are anywhere from 1.25-2oz, with 1.5oz being the most common. It’s an amount that means easy math for book keeping, an easy portion to pour and an easy amount to drink.

Similarly, a ‘dram’ is not a specific amount – it simply means ‘portion.’ Today, the word has become ubiquitous with the occasion of enjoying whisk(e)y (usually Scotch or Irish Whiskey), whether alone or with friends, at the pub, bar, club or at home. You say “let’s get a dram” like you’d say “let’s get a cocktail” or “let’s get a pint,” when specifically referring to whisk(e)y.

Now, won’t you share a dram with me?

About the Author:
The Whisky Guy is an educator, host, blogger , habitual traveler and more, having worked in the whisk(e)y industry for over 10 years. He can be reached through the Contact page and you can find out more by visiting the About page. He always supports enjoying whisk(e)y responsibly.